Dump Truck

Toy dump truck, all handmade.  Another toy that I began making when my grandsons were 2 and 4 years old.  They have proven to be very popular because they are not plastic and not designed to be throw-aways.  I think children and parents like the tactile sensation of the warmth of the wood and the feel of solidity.

Children are very creative and will find a myriad of uses for this truck.  They will play with something like this longer than they will with a toy that has a single purpose.  For example, they will fill the truck with little stones, Legos, and other small parts.  (I originally filled my grandsons' with chocolate rocks.)  They will make a garage from blocks or boxes and park the truck inside.  And, of course, they will then knock the garage down, then rebuild it, endlessly.  They will also stuff things through the cabin window, whose edges have been rounded and smoothed to protect their little fingers.

There is no metal in the truck, just wood, glue and a food-safe finish.

The truck measures maximally 9-1/2" long by 5" high by 2-3/4" wide.

With reasonable care, and a little luck, this truck could become an heirloom.  My older grandson has already said he wants to keep it for his children.

SKU 20007.  Price: $38 including shipping within the USA.