Spatulas, stirrers and spurtles.  Made from a variety of timbers, including American Osage Orange, Ash, Beech, Cedar, Cherry, Maple, and Black Walnut.   Each spatula is different, with some being about 6" long, while the majority are about 12" long and anywhere from 1"-2" wide.  Each is decorated differently: some have a bead, some have a charred groove, and some have no decoration at all.  In addition, some are not really spatulas but stirrers,  and others what the Irish call a spurtle.  Also, unlike commercially made spatulas, all of these have a round handle and top for comfort in the hand.  When ordering, please communicate any preferences, if any, otherwise a selection will be made on your behalf.

SKU 20004 Spatulas.  Price: $25. Shipping within the USA is included