Toy car with painted wheels.  Because life isn't just about wood bowls (though it may feel like it sometimes!).  I started making these cars when my grandsons were 2 and 4 years old and living half-way across the country.  They loved playing with them and even loved just carrying them wherever they went.  Surprisingly, they never lost one.  The two-old, however, washed his in the toilet, so my preconceptions of personal hygiene went out the window, along with his car which I replaced with a new one.

The car is finished with a clear, water-based acrylic, while the wheels are finished with a water-based acrylic paint.   There is no metal in the car, just wood, glue and finish.

With a little care, this car could be an heirloom.  My grandsons still have theirs and they treasure them.

If you have a preference in the color of wheels, please specify which car you want, otherwise one will be selected for you.

SKU: 20006 CAR.  Price $18 including shipping within the USA.