Pill box

Handy-sized pill box.  Designed and made for use, this box is just the right size for pills, knickknacks, small craft supplies, potpourri and many other small objects.  

Crafted from a catalpa tree, the lid has what is called a suction fit, meaning the precision of the fit is sufficient to keep it closed and it won't open accidently.   In fact, it makes a satisfying "pop" when you pull off the lid.

The box is finished first with India ink and then with multiple coats of lacquer.  The center of the top of the lid is embossed with a rose design as a decorative touch.

The chocolates in the photo are intended to provide a scale of reference of the overall size, and the jellybeans, all of which fit inside the box, indicate its carrying capacity.

SKU: 20015 Pill Box.  Price: $30 including shipping within the USA.