Black walnut bowl

Evocative black walnut bowl with seashells and sea-green inlay in the rim.

This bowl is another of a series where I wanted to capture the feeling of the tidal pools of the Pacific Northwest and the Maine Coast where the forests grow right to the edge of the beach.  The pools teem with life, from tidal pool moss to shellfish.  The dark brown of the black walnut symbolizes the forest while the green of the inlay represents the sea.  The seashells speak for themselves.

This unusual bowl can be used for display and would look elegant on a mantle, bookshelf or side table.  It could also serve as a vessel to hold dry items such as jewelry, candy or knickknacks.  

Of course, it would also make a treasured gift.

The satin appearance and silky feel result from a linseed oil and natural beeswax combination.

The bowl measures approximately 9-1/2" by 4".

SKU 23024.  Price: $125 including shipping within the USA.