Cherry bowl

Enter description here.  This two-toned cherry bowl is sure to please.  I made this from some wood of a cherry tree that was at the home of my in-laws.  Of course, they got their pick of the bowls first, but it was big tree and there are plenty of bowls left. 

I enjoyed making this bowl because the wood is very smooth and when I turned it on the lathe it gave off a sweet smell.  It reminded me of when decades ago my wife and I made cherry liquor from the fruit of this same tree.  Our marriage - great; the liquor - not so much!

After turning this bowl, I rubbed in several coats of food-safe oil over the course of many days.  This means that you can use the bowl for food, dry items, or for decoration.  My wife has a small one on her dresser and she keeps her jewelry in it.

You can use it as a vessel to hold dry snacks, like nuts, candy, or chocolate.  You can also use it for "mise en place", which people who cook know means a small dish like this to hold individual ingredients that will be put into the dish that you are making.  For example, salt, chopped onions, flour, rice, parsley, etc.

Anyway, I think it is lovely enough to be used as decoration on, for example, a bookshelf.

The bowl measures 5" x 2-1/2" and is finished with food-safe walnut oil.  See the About page for care instructions.

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