Spalted maple bowl

A charming little maple bowl styled after ancient Grecian pottery.  The body arcs into a closed form but the broad graceful cove near the rim re-opens the vessel, inviting the eye to look inside at the beautiful figure and spalting.

I encountered this piece of interesting spalted maple when a neighbor had to remove their tree after it split during a storm.  They permitted me to rescue whatever I wanted, and this bowl is a result.

I decided to keep the holes in the wood that led to the spalting rather than fill them as I often do because I wanted to highlight this particular stage in the tree's life, to honor it in a way.  I intended that the bowl be used for decoration or to hold dry items, and not wet food.

Even so, the bowl is finished with multiple food-safe coats of linseed oil and top coated with a linseed oil and wax combination.  It lends a silky touch to the wood.  It's on the petite side (5.25" x 2.5") and can serve a multitude of purposes beyond pure decoration.

Care instructions are to be found on the About page.

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