Mulberry closed-form bowl

Mulberry bowl with a closed form.  Unusual shape and color define a timeless bowl with an elegant shape.  

Most people are probably unfamiliar with the wood from the mulberry tree, so its tones ranging from light beige to deep yellow are sure to be a conversation starter.  

This piece has a smooth satiny feel to it due to the texture of the mulberry wood and the multiple coats of linseed oil and wax with which it is finished.  It is light-weight and a pleasure to run your hands across its silky surface.

It is food-safe so it would make a great individual salad bowl.  It can also be used for decoration or dry items like jewelry, snack, keys, odds-and-ends, and craft items.

On a walk through my neighborhood one morning, I encountered a tree crew cutting down and shredding a neighbor's mulberry tree that had begun to lean over their house.  They permitted me to rescue as much as I liked, and this bowl is a result.  It felt good to be able to give this tree a second life.  You can give it a new home and with care it should last many years.

100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this bowl will be donated to a children's education charity.

SKU 22053.  Price: $60 including shipping within the USA.